What are cookies?
Cookies in translation mean "biscuits". They are named after British custom to offer visitors a biscuit to create a friendly atmosphere.

    In a web-based practice, the cookie is a small text file that stores the web page in your browser ("offers a cookie"). Later, the stored information can be read. A simple example of how to use it is that the site knows you've visited it before, so you will not see the info window. It is also used for more complicated tasks, and for example, most sites that can be logged on under a user account can not do without them.

   Cookies are not stored in your browser forever. It depends on the browser settings and the cookie itself. Some are only saved for as long as you have certain pages open. Others are valid in days to months.

    Detailed technical information can be found on Wikipedia

   How do we use cookies?
Sort items by price, add items to compare or rate items into shopping cart. Then you have to leave and close the browser. When you get back, everything is in the same state, thanks to cookies. This is one of the examples that make it easier to work with our site. But we also use key cookies that allow for proper functionality, for example, when signing in..

   In order to improve our services, we need to have a perfect overview of what's happening on the site. We determine which features customers use most often to improve them. Where they have problems to prevent it. And how often we go to our site to tailor it to server performance. We use Google Analytics analytic cookies to do this. They also allow us to analyze the performance of online sales channels.

   Who does not see it as if it was not. That's why we use Google AdWords and Facebook cookies to help us analyze the success of the sales channels they represent. In short, we need to have an overview of how individual ads work, so we can effectively optimize them..

   How do I refuse cookies?
You can set up cookies in your web browser. In some browsers, you can delete individual cookies and possibly refuse to accept all cookies. Buyers also have the option of refusing cookies or similar tools to be stored on their end devices, for example by launching anonymous browsing functionality in their browser. More information can be found in your browser's help or on the Internet.

   When deleting or declining all cookies, the functionality of our site will deteriorate and some features may not be available.

   Read about the types of cookies Google uses and how Google and its partners use these cookies in the ad. Privacy Policy describes how Google uses cookies to protect your personal data and other data.